Di McIntyre was born and bred on the land around Chinchilla in Queensland. She has travelled widely and this is shown in her artworks. While Di was artistic her whole life, it was only when her children left home that Di had the time to devote to explore her creativity. She participated in several workshops to learn a variety of techniques and then Di’s own individual style shone through. She has received acclamation in solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, agricultural shows and festivals in Australia and USA. Significant achievements in Di’s artistic career are being included in the World Contemporary Masters Volume 8 coffee table book, her paintings being exhibited in the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas and, for the last several years, exhibited in New York. 

Artist’s Statement

 “There have been many years of drought in Queensland which is quite soul destroying. For me, painting is an escape, a place I can go to zone out and leave the destruction of Mother Nature. But, it is this very destruction that inspires me.  The raw colours of the landscape around me flow onto the paper. Whenever I am travelling anywhere in the world my fingers itch to draw and capture what I see.  I use Mixed media to capture the rich colours of outback Australia and embellishment is taken in the freedom of collage to create perspective and depth of meaning.”


2014    International Contemporary Masters 8
2014    Australian Artists Magazine

Solo Exhibitions

2014    Outback, Doors and more…                                                           Perculator Gallery, Paddington
2011    Just East of too Far West                                                                 Graydon Gallery, New Farm Brisbane

Joint Exhibitions

2015     Three’s Company                                                                                Perculator Gallery, Paddington
2015    Anything Goes (for Drought Angels)                                           "Yungaba", Kangaroo Point
2015    Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular                
2015    Selected Works                                                                                      Toowoomba Grammar Art Show
2015     International Contemporary Masters 8                                      Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas
2014    Il Chiostro LUCE Exhibtion                                                              Calumet Gallery, New York
2014    Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular                
2014    Selected Works                                                                                       Toowoomba Grammar Art Show
2014    Featured Artist                                                                                        Café One Twelve, Toowoomba
2013    Finding Leichardt                                                                                   White Gums Gallery, Chinchilla
2013    Studio Project                                                                                          Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles
2012    Outback Bunginderry Artist Camp Exhibition                           Perculator Gallery, Paddington
2012    ll Choistro “Italy - The Eyes have it" Exhibition                           25CPW Gallery, Central Park West, New York
2012    Selected Works                                                                                        Toowoomba Grammar Art Show
2011    "Bunginderry Exhibition"                                                                     Qld Arts Council travelling regional Qld throughout 2011
2011     "Tuscany Dreaming"                                                                              Tambo Art Gallery
2011     "Sister Act" Exhibition                                                                           White Gums Gallery, Chinchilla
2011     ll Chiostro "Sensual Italy" Exhibition                                               Broome St Gallery, Soho, Manhattan, New York
2010    Crossroads to the Future                                                                       Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles
2009    Dogwood & Beyond                                                                                Chinchilla White Gums Gallery, Chinchilla Qld
2009    Water Exhibition                                                                                     Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles Qld (Western Downs Regional Council)
2008   Miles Archibald                                                                                         Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles Qld
2007    Dogwood Dreaming                                                                               Chinchilla White Gums Gallery, Chinchilla Qld
2007    Relics Exhibition                                                                                      Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles Qld
2006    Word Exhibition                                                                                      Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles Qld (Miles Art Group)